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The voyage begins at midnight on the day of your arrival in Iquitos Peru. We travel without an itinerary, but with Amazonian Shamans and our handpicked crew of Amazonian Indians, always liking for the unknown, the undiscovered and the unexplored.

hree all-natural gourmet meals are served each day featuring fresh foods of the Amazon, including a selection of wild, edible mushrooms, exotic fish and game, gorgeous salads and endless fresh fruit and juices. Vegetarian diets are easily accommodated. An excellent selection of Peruvian beers and wines are offered. Juices, fruits, sodas, bottled water, Peruvian coffee and herbal teas are available 24 hours a day. Special dietary needs are joyfully satisfied by our two talented chefs.

In addition, there is Gerry's famous medicinal bar of over fifty jungle cures for everything from cancer to impotence, arthritis, leukemia, diabetes, tumors, gangrene, burns, bites, menstrual problems, immune system deficiencies, back problems and more.

During the voyage, extensive discussions are held where dreams and visions are interpreted by the Shamans who are available 24 hours a day for personal healing, massage and spiritual work. They guide us on jungle walks where we learn about medicinal plants and hear the sacred songs specific to each tree's healing spirit. The Shamans point the way to a more meaningful future -- a fuller life in which your potential can be realized.

Thank you for providing a well organized and exciting journey...the first time in my life to be in a place that was truly WILD...where people live in such peaceful harmony with nature and Mother Earth.
I loved it! - K. B.

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