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Chris and Gerry Miller,

Thanks for the awesome Amazon trip. It was a life changing experience. You guys are simply fabulous hosts and the world you opened up for your guests was more than amazing.

My family and office have gotten a lot more socially and environmentally active since I got back from Peru. I think a lot of people have decided that we need to change our ways and the time to do it is now. You should have gotten the party flyer. July 28th is the date and Lyle Lovett is playing. Invitations will follow. There will be a barbecue in the country near Austin on Sunday, which should have many interesting people. I hope you can make the party.

P. and I were in London last week and had a nice dinner with J.L. J. and I would both love to be able to go back on another journey with you. Please let us know about upcoming trips.


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