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Dear Chris and Gerry,

Enclosed is a check for $1,000 to help you protect any of the big trees of Peru. It is an important part of your work and I am more than happy to help you out in this way!

I wanted to wait a month to write and thank you because I needed the time to absorb everything that happened.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What an amazing trip! First of all, the time stretched out wonderfully so that one week felt more like two or three. There were so many things going on and so many little adventures - village visits, jungle walks, that the magic just kept happening.

The fellow travelers were a great group. I especially bonded to Sabrina and Jutta and have been corresponding with each of them. I was also so impressed with all of the crew. Eusaria and her mom were so loving and provided a nice feminine perspective.

At first I thought "Oh my, 12 Peruvian crewmen - the testosterone will be thick! But they are so balanced, so gentle. Here, in California, there are workshops for men to "Develop their feminine side". What they should do is hang out in the jungle with Peruvian men.

The Shamans were amazing, of course. I really want to return to Peru with you. I've talked to Jutta and she wants to come back. I have two friends who want to come.

The healing that occurred for me was profound. Psychologically, I am more "tranquillo" than I've ever been - life is flowing more and I'm not thinking too much (as Don Jose advised me). My relationship to trees has grown profoundly and I've been sitting outside at night communing with the big redwood in my yard. I could go on but I'll save it for a visit.

I hope this finds you well - happy, healthy, and the beginning of springtime in Connecticut. With much love, affection, respect, and admiration,


Dear K,

How are you? We're fine! We just got back from three months on the Peruvian Amazon. We thought you'd like to know what we did with the $1000 donation you gave us to protect the giant trees of the Amazon.

Our story begins the night we are to leave Iquitos for Connecticut. The Captain of our boat on the voyage you took with us came over to say goodbye. We talked of our last voyage together while sipping "demasiado raices" in the courtyard of our home. Tropical plants threw exotic shadows on the old plaster walls. Erman, the Captain, looked around a nd said, "Why don't you buy this place?"

Gerry said "If I buy anything, it will be the high jungle with the giant trees on the banks of the Rio Marañon." Erman said, "That land is still for sale. I know the owner. She lives around the corner from here."

Gerry and I looked at each other and said, "Let's Go!"

That night we waited outside her door in a tropical downpour. She arrived in a taxi rickshaw. Erman introduced us and explained our mission. The carved wooden door of the building opened into palatial surroundings. The noise of the busy street was shut out.

Yes! She will sell the land to us because she came home to find us waiting by her door at night in the rain. The timber company with whom she had been negotiating had not yet responded to her acceptance of their offer. She would sell the land to us.

But, before our decision could continue, she must have a down payment of $1000! We were holding that amount from you, K, for just such a chance. The money was handed over.

We all met the next morning at the lawyer's office to draw up contracts and titles embellished with finger prints, signatures, wax seals and more cash drawn from our credit card accounts. It was done! Gerry and I agreed to transfer the unpaid balance to her from America.

The name of the land was "Cazual" meaning "By Chance" or "Fortuitous." She asked us if we wanted to change the name. How could we when the name so perfectly reflected the way in which we were given "the chance" to protect such a huge tract of virgin rainforest.

The original land deed states that "Cazual" consists of one mile of riverfront going back ten miles into "terrenos balidos" meaning "unknown territory." We will all go there together the next time you travel the Amazon with us.

Many thanks and much love,

Chris and Gerry

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