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Gerry Miller, artist, mycologist, and maestro of Amazonian healing arts, began his travels in South America over 30 years ago, living with an isolated tribe of Jivaro Indians. There he was initiated into the secrets of the rainforest and its people, as well as learning some of the secrets of the magical and medicinal plants. This sparked interest in his friends who persuaded him to lead trips into these exotic places. Now, usually every February, those trips are a yearly event.

Over 20 years ago my husband Gerry began leading trips in the Peruvian Amazon, visiting remote tribes, collecting and identifying rare and unknown species of fungi and medicinal plants including the previously unknown mushroom Paxillus Amazonicus. He also discovered a luminescent species of Mycena that glows in the dark and an as yet unnamed variety of Amazonian Shittake.

In 1984, I joined him and in 1987 we were married on a remote tributary of the Amazon. Since then, we have led many voyages up and down the Peruvian Amazon and its tributaries visiting inaccessible tribes never seen by outsiders, all while living in comfort on our beautiful riverboat. We invite you to join us!

My Life has been changed and I can quantifiably prove it. This journey is one of the most powerful boosters anyone can have. If there were angels disguised in human form, Gerry and Chris-You would be them.
- A. G.


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