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You have made it possible for me to feel my heart burst and fill me with love and courage.
K. B.

To receive more information and an application, please call us at 860-873-8286.

Following are a few of the many ways your participation in The Wild Mushroom Traveling Road Show benefits the Peruvian Amazon and its people...
  • The discovery and surveying of known and unknown species of fungi crucial to the maintenance and regrowth of the rainforest. Many mushrooms have a symbiotic relationship with the trees, actually helping them to grow.

  • The funding of building and maintenance of Malokas (tribal cultural centers) up and down the many tributaries we travel.

  • Purchasing and preservation of the biggest trees, those eagerly sought by the lumber companies.

  • Bringing our Shamans to the aid of villagers, medical assistance, paying for operations for tribal people, donation of medicines and surgical equipment to jungle clinics.

  • Legal and financial assistance to tribal leaders.

  • Encouragement of traditional tribal beliefs and practices.

  • Purchasing of large tracts of rainforest lands for preservation.

  • Transportation of native people and their produce.

  • Gifts of items such as salt, seeds, steel agricultural implements, cash, medicines, mosquito nets, sheets, fuel, etc. to remote tribal groups who have no access to such things.

  • But most importantly, we bring our intense interest in their cultural traditions and ancient knowledge, seeking out tribal elders, showing them the respect and honor they deserve, stimulating the interest of the youth in their ancient tribal knowledge and ways, encouraging the harvesting and production of native medicinal plants.

  • If you'd like to know more about how this trip can affect you, please read some of the letters our participants have sent in.
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