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Dear Chris & Gerry,

Just a note to let you both know how grateful I am for being able to have been a participant in this remarkable journey. My life has made one of those turns that come fewer (at least it was my impression until I made the voyage and fewer in life. That turn was tantamount I feel to a very special set of circumstances that helped to catalyze a series of very special events I loved every day and every moment we spent together in the Peruvian Amazon. I tell people now that I meet and share that my life has changed and I can quantifiably prove it. In just the two days that I have been back at my office my sense of being has spilled over into my work. I feel a much better sense of confidence (funny but I seem to remember that confidence was on of my weak points with Don Jose and don Ladimirio) already. Well anyhow this journey is one of the most powerful boosters anyone could have. My vision has improved and my sense of relaxation still continues. I must admit that six months of traveling seems more appealing at the moment then working (aaaaaaaahhh). One of my fondest memories is of suspending from the hammock and feeling a breeze run through my hands and up my back. The first Ayahuasca ceremony is the catapult that sent shockwaves in my entire centro-electro-vibratory system. That translates to the equivalent of an explosion bursting in my head and shootings itself through every fiber of this being. I am ready for some more. So please take care. The two of you. If there were Angels disguises in human form, Gerry and Chris you would be them. But really I love to praise you for making the entire trip pleasant, enjoyable, educational, exciting, risky, tasty, we, and astonishing. I truly love you both.


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